This is my new blog....
I´m on my way to experience my SELF!

What does it mean actually?
Some room to experience my Self ?
Some place to reflect about the WAY? 

I have been photographying, painting, creating different kinds of crafts  for all my life and now?

I don´t know exactly, but the urge to start  now with the creation of this page came up suddenly this morning!
And here I am!
Feel at ease to contact me if you feel the same. I will answer for sure ,-)
3/18/2012 06:47:21 pm

Congratulations for starting this blog! It's definitely a good idea. Hope to see some more artwork of Yours. Also, please visit us at our online <a href='' title='art community'>art community</a> and meet some new friends. Best wishes!


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    Christine Porten

    I was born in France with italien roots! From the age of 18 I travelled a lot in Europe and the rest of the world. So far I lived in France, Germany and Canada and I enjoyed meeting people and experienced their way of living.
    Now at the age of 50, the travelling is back again with children and friends all over the world


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